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Oh Newgrounds...

2011-04-14 16:50:16 by Lazul

Haven't been on here in a while until recently. Posted a song a few weeks ago and somehow managed to start 4 more after that. I've been holding onto them in hopes of doing more with them. Posted a new one just a few minutes ago called Lazadance. I hope to get the other 3 out soon. =)

New beginnings...?

2008-06-20 01:19:16 by Lazul

So, as stated in the description for my song, I had an urge to put something together and Simple Techno is what I ended up with. I'm ashamed to say I forgot to give credit to Josh (Kelwyn Shade) as he had some input into the song as well. Thanks to you, Josh and my apologies for forgetting to put it in the song description!